MUDr Talks: Spring Meeting 2021

Second instalment of professional development meeting for clinicians – this time with international speakers. Delivered by graduates of Czech and Slovak medical schools.

30-31 March 2021

18:00 – 20:30 BST

Day 1

Day 2

Breaking barriers

Graduates of medical schools in Czech Republic and Slovakia are spread around the world.  Outside of their home countries they hold the status of International Medical Graduates (IMG) with all of the implications. One of the common patterns anecdotally observed is reduced publishing and presentation activity in the face of clinical duties in new and often unfamiliar medical systems. We make every effort to break these barriers and allow speakers to present.

Learning platform

MUDr Talks is a professional development meeting intended for clinicians in postgraduate training practising around the world. Short lectures of 20-30 minutes length provide fresh and concise take on various medical and surgical topics. Talks are not peer reviewed but each of them is accompanied with a dedicated Q&A section. Speakers who graduated from medical schools in Czech Republic and Slovakia and are practicing medicine outside of these countries are invited. All talks are recorded and available for view at a later date.


Medical education has been significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Events have been cancelled and training disrupted. MUDr Talks is currently a live online meeting. This format is easy to deliver and allows us to reach a far bigger audience. Depending on the situation, the format of the future meetings may change to hybrid ones. We understand the importance of the face-to-face social interaction and we will keep you updated.


The meeting gives an opportunity to meet new people, make new connections or just strengthen the old ones. Reunite with an old colleague from the medical school or introduce yourself to a new one from abroad. New opportunities lie ahead.

The team

Meet the people behind the scenes, hosting and organising the event.

Timotej Vataha

MUDr Talks Lead
Internal Medicine Trainee Physician at Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Budding Respiratory and Intensive care physician. Point of care ultrasound and medical education enthusiast.

Tomáš Babišík

Event Manager
Junior Clinical Fellow at St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Martin Zezulka

Event Mananger
Junior Clinical Fellow at St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Feedback from Autumn Meeting 2020

Very well organised and prepared, no significant technical difficulties, great choice of topics – relevant to every specialty. Good job!

Anonymous feedback

Great idea to organise such event online allowing many doctors to participate, everyone abided to the time frame, wide variety of topics.

Anonymous feedback

Very useful topics and I enjoyed the sessions. Good for senior medical students and new FY1.

Anonymous feedback